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About the client
SoulZ is a digital art project built on the Ethereum blockchain. It features a collection of immersive and unique digital artworks, each of which is a non-fungible token (NFT) on the blockchain, ensuring its rarity and ownership. Through its captivating visuals and storytell-ing, SoulZ takes viewers on a journey into a world transformed by an evil regime, telling he-roic tales of strength and courage.
By blending art, storytelling, and blockchain technology, SoulZ offers a unique digital expe-rience that inspires and transports viewers into a magical realm of adventure.


SoulZ presented Codora with a multifaceted project that required a deep understanding of both the technical and creative aspects of the project. In the first phase, the client request-ed a makeover in the look and feel of their website.
In the second phase, the challenge was to create a secure workflow that would allow exist-ing digital art holders to claim additional artwork. This required designing an impressive front-end UI for usability as well as devising a contract system that would ensure the au-thenticity of the digital assets.
The third phase required advanced problem-solving skills. Codora was tasked with creating new blockchain based contracts that enabled SoulZ’s users to exchange their old artwork for a new “ascendant” version by “burning” (i.e., destroying) their existing artwork. This re-quired the design of a new feature for updating the traits of the ascendants and the intro-duction of a novel concept of consuming digital currency and genesis artwork for the new mint.



Codora successfully executed the three-phase project for the client. In phase one, the UI/UX team proposed several designs, and after finalization from the client, the front-end team updated the old site with the new design.
For phase two, a digital blockchain-based contract was created that allowed users to obtain additional artwork. After an internal audit, the front-end team added a new module that enabled users to use this feature. This implementation included wallet connectivity, reading digital assets from the wallet, and minting new food items. To ensure that the implementation was flawless, the team carried out rigorous testing and debugging processes.
During the third phase, Codora created the necessary blockchain-based contracts to enable users to upgrade their old artwork for a new “ascendant” version. The team added a new front-end module to enable users to complete the flows seamlessly. Due to the complexity of these flows, the QA team was actively engaged in testing to ensure smooth functionality.
Through close collaboration between Codora’s teams and the client, the project was delivered successfully, meeting all the client’s requirements. Overall, the project required a combination of technical expertise, user experience design, and quality assurance skills to achieve the desired outcome.
Technology and Integrations
Back End




Project Management

  • Revamped website with improved functionality
  • Advanced features to improve the user journey
  • Improved scalability and flexibility of the platform
  • Improved security due to the implementation of blockchain-based contracts


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