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Application Delivery and Operational Efficiency at High Velocity!

Decrease costs, boost productivity, and accelerate your time to market with our DevOps & QA services

DevOps and QA services

In today’s competitive business world, you have to keep pace with dynamic trends. Hence, the need for businesses to upgrade and modernize their applications has considerably increased. By leveraging the latest technological stack, we transform legacy applications into modern platforms to deliver increased performance, agility, security, and reliability. With proven expertise and integrated technical services, we follow an automated approach to manage workloads securely and perform testing from a unified interface.

Our DevOps and QA services help organizations decrease costs, boost productivity, and accelerate time to market. Utilize Codora’s extensive DevOps services to develop applications at a rapid pace and achieve your organizational objectives.

Why choose Codora as your DevOps/QA partner?

What makes us stand out is our capability to boost organizational agility, enhance productivity, and save expenses because of our:

Complex Delivery Experience

Highly Proficient Development Teams

Secure Integration

DevOps Automation Implementation

Automation procedures, an end-to-end delivery pipeline, infrastructure management, orchestration, and deployment are all part of our DevOps implementation services. In accordance with the specific needs of your company, our professionals create and execute end-to-end DevOps architecture using the appropriate robust and industrialized solutions.

Work Process

We automate the deployment and optimize your company’s performance by automating your operations and reducing overall production time and the risks involved.

We can also control inspections, put into effect best practices, and take care of security audits. We deliver an end-to-end security integration using the ‘Security as a Code’ mechanism.

Unclear and complex codes may be the cause of your slow growth, we can assist you with the inspection of your code and help you integrate it as well.

Whether you're building or upgrading an application, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive and affordable performance testing consisting of planning, scripting, executing, and reporting.

We evaluate prior versions of the application under test and then create a test plan based on usability evaluation criteria to execute tests and provide a report of our results and suggestions.

Through, test Automation we can solve the challenges of rapid development cycles and your need to respond to the escalating customer demands while preserving quality.

Our Functional Testing Service ensures that your system is ready for release. We look at what software is supposed to do and make sure it actually does that.

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