Delivery Models

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Strengthen your team by joining forces with our experts!
Define how much RESPONSIBILITY, CONTROL, and RISK you want to maintain with our three service delivery models.

Extended Team

Reinforce your in-house team with professionals you lack through our extended team model. Whether you want to hire a single software developer or set up a full-fledged cross-functional software development team, our extended team model is flexible enough to meet all your unique needs.

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Reduce your cost, increase your productivity and scale up effectively by letting us take charge of all the processes, from requirements management and project planning to quality control, deployment, and launch. We provide the best outcomes on time, and within budget.

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Through our Digital Projects service model, we take care of all your digital transformation needs and handle it end-to-end while upholding the greatest degree of continuity, flexibility, peace of mind, and control. You can rely on our extensive project management experience and powerful technological capabilities to fulfil all your requirements.

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