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Boost your development team with Codora’s dedicated specialists
Whether you want to hire just one software developer or set up a cross-functional dedicated software development team our extended team service is flexible enough to meet your unique needs

Extended Team

Reinforce your in-house team with professionals through our extended team model. With our unparallelled industry savvy and experience, we help you create offshore and virtual teams at a fraction of the price that you will pay for an in-house team.

Our Extended Teams model helps you reduce the churn with unlimited scalability. We also offer a significant reduction in your costs by cutting your learning curve and letting you pick the best skilled people for the job at a price far less than what you pay for in-house teams.

Our Process

What makes our hiring process so outstanding is how we choose the best possible candidate pool for your project, put them through rigorous tests based on our real-world knowledge and expertise, and only choose those that stand out and outperform others in their field.

1. Recruitment

You may choose the top prospects and conduct interviews with our unique talent pool of well-screened professionals. The choice of who to recruit is always ultimately yours.

2. Team integration

The extended team becomes a part of your internal workforce and operates in accordance with your procedures, answers to you, and utilises the same communication tools as your in-house team.

3. Continuous Support

We will be there for you every step of the way, assisting you in overcoming any obstacles you may encounter. You may modify the size of your team or your skill sets to meet the project’s requirement.

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