Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. We developed this Policy for you to understand how we collect, use and store your personal data. Below is our Privacy Policy that describes, for what purpose we collect information about you and how we use it. We respect your right to privacy and oblige you to protect it.


This Policy (in addition to the provisions of our Data Security, Cookie Policy and Terms of Use, and any other documents they refer to) sets the basis for processing personal data, provided by you, or data that we collect about you. By entering our website, agreeing with our services’ Terms of Use and (or) using the services, you agree with the terms of this Policy, including their occasional updates. If you disagree with any clause of the present Privacy Policy or our Terms of Use, please, discontinue using our website.


This Policy will describe:

Your rights to access stored data, modify it and retract the consent to the use of your personal data

What data about you do we collect

How we use information about you

Marketing activity

Links to third-party websites

Your rights to access stored data, modify it, and to retract the consent to the use of your personal data

Access to your data stored by us.

If you want to know specifically what data about you we store, you may exercise your legal right to obtain this information from us. You may send a request regarding the availability of information on the personal data subject at any time in the written form, by following this simple procedure. By law, we have 40 days for sending you our response. To send a request regarding the availability of information on the personal data subject, write to us and attach copies of a document with a photo (a passport or a driving license), as well as bills for utility services (to present proofs of your residence at the address mentioned). We request this with a sole purpose – to make sure that we send your data specifically to you or to the third party, which received special authorization in written form from you so that it could act on your behalf. Write to us via this address:, if you want to make a request regarding the availability of information on the personal data subject.


Amendment/correction of your data, stored by us.

It is very easy to correct your data, stored by us. We want to be sure that everything is correctly specified, so simply contact us via e-mail at, to make any amendments to our records.


Retraction of the consent.

You have the full authority to change your mind regarding what type of data you allow or forbid us to store. You may send us a request to the e-mail address, in order to modify or delete your data at any time. Processing of your request is governed by clause Your rights to access stored data, to modify it, and to retract the consent to the use of your personal data of the present agreement.


What data about you do we collect

We may collect and process different types of information about you. Some of this data is considered to be personal data (it means that you may be identified by it, including data that demands especially delicate handling), and some of this data is considered to be anonymous data (you cannot be identified by it).


Data we collect (may collect) when you register in order to use our services and receive content.

We collect (may collect) your personal information, which includes (but is not limited to) a real name, address, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, and any other information you can provide.


Data we collect in order to improve customer service and support.

If you contact our customer support via the address or contact us using contact forms on the website, we may store the information you would provide to us, including communication records.


If you contact us and answer the questions, we store the information you provide.


Data we collect/you download while using our website.

When you use our website to search for information and to learn about our services, or interact with the website, we collect data related to this activity, including:


data of your accounts in social networks, if they are linked to our website (for further information please refer to the sections ‘What data about you we collect and ‘How we use information about you);

your location based on your IP address, assigned to your computer or mobile device by the Internet service provider, and mobile location data or other available legal methods of obtaining such information (for further information please refer to Clause 5 of this agreement – “Information about your location we collect”);

information regarding your usage of our website, which we consider to be anonymous data and collect through cookie files (for further information please refer to the section ‘Our policy regarding cookie files).

Information we collect from social networks, used by you

Some of our services may link your profiles on other social networks with our profiles. If you have an account in a social network, such as Facebook, or in a messenger, such as WhatsApp, you may share data from our website with this social network. In order to improve the quality of usage and to provide customized services, we may ask you to log in to your account. By doing this, you grant us access to your profile information, including (but not limited to) personal information, photos, videos, interests, and geolocation tags. When you log in to another network or install our application, we will receive general information about you, including (but not limited to) your name, photos, gender, networks, user ID, friend list, and any other information, published by you, as well as your e-mail address.


Information about your location we collect

We may collect data about location from your computer and (or) mobile device. When you use our services via your mobile device, you will be offered to share your location data with our application. If you don’t want to share your location data with us, turn off this option by following the instructions on your mobile device. If you use a computer to access our services, we may track your IP address. If you use a mobile device, we may identify your location. If you don’t want to reveal your location, you should be aware of that. We also use data about your location to analyse and improve our services, as well as to develop new products, including third-party involvement in order to aid us either in providing existing services to you or in developing new services and sending targeted advertisements according to your previous customer experience. Your devices may give us a lot of information about the device, including brand, model, version of the operating system, information about installed applications, e-mail accounts, mobile communication provider, etc.


How we use information about you

The main reasons why we process data collected from you are as follows:

to improve our service structures, their execution, and to increase their usability;

to customize your subsequent visits and use of our services;

to provide you with information about products or services, as well as news and offers you have requested (additional information is provided below in the “Marketing” section);

to reply to your questions or comments you send us;

to notify you about changes in our services or in our site functionality;

to conduct market analysis and research;

to make sure that you observe provisions and conditions of use and observe our statutory and regulatory obligations.

We use information that we collect about you, in order to:

fulfil your requests regarding our products, solutions, and services;

reply to your questions about our offers;

provide, customize and improve our offers;

conduct research and analysis of your interests and usage of our products, services, and content or products, services, and content, offered by other parties;

develop and display content and advertisement on our website and other websites according to your interests, as well as provide display of our advertisement when you visit other websites.

We use information about you to contact you in order to:

notify you when we amend our Terms;

fulfil your request regarding online mailout;

contact you regarding your account (including account management and client support service).

In addition, you may agree to receive push notifications from us on your mobile device, if you receive such an offer. Please, be aware that any communication with other users is conducted through our internal systems, which we use to send you a message and make a notification via e-mail, without disclosing any other information besides the username and e-mail address, stated by you.

Usage of mobile device data

When you visit our website from a mobile device, we may use collected information for any purposes, as stated in this Privacy Policy.


Use of non-personal information

We use generalized information about our users and non-personal information, which we collect, to improve design, functionality and content of our site, and to have the possibility to personalize your experience from using our website. We use this information in order to:


provide, support, personalize, protect, improve and develop our website and services, do our business;

analyse usage and effectiveness of our website’s functionality (including monitoring advertisements and website analytics);

offer you products, programs or services from us and our affiliate companies, business partners, as well as certain third parties.

When and why we disclose your information to third parties

Justifiable disclosure of information

We may be forced to disclose information about you, fully or partially, to the third parties within the limits of current legislation, for example, in case of potential or actual court proceedings, by the order of a court, state or governmental authorities, or according to regulatory and legal acts of your country of residence and other countries. We may also deem such disclosure necessary in case of a threat to national security, law enforcement, or in other similar situations, including, for example, statements about users’ violation of copyright, trademark rights, or other rights of third parties.


Third-party service providers

To provide services to you, we share your personal information with third-party service providers, including third parties that help us to process information, fulfil your subscription request, manage and host data, and conduct customer research or surveys regarding satisfaction levels. Such information disclosure is necessary in order to provide services, improve them, and deliver targeted advertisements to you. We do not reveal your contact data to third parties for their direct marketing without your consent.


Servers that send advertisement messages

On our website, third parties may publish or operate advertisements, by providing us with data collection services, as well as reporting, advertisement response statistics, and web analytics services. Besides, they help to deliver relevant marketing or advertisement messages. These third parties may view, edit or set their own cookie files. Usage of these technologies by third parties is regulated by their own Privacy policies and guided by this Privacy Policy. Third parties may collect other data about you and your device, so analysis of this data will allow them to offer targeted advertisements anonymously on the website or in other places.


Generalized information and non-personal information

In any of the abovementioned situations, we may share non-personal information, gathered by us. We may also share it with other companies and third parties in order to create and display targeted advertisements on our website and on websites or in applications of third parties, as well as to analyse advertisements, viewed by you, and reports about it. We may combine non-personal information we collect with additional non-personal information collected from other sources.


Marketing activity

When we advertise our products and our services directly, we may share your information with our partners in order to create and display to you targeted advertisements of products and services to help with preparing marketing reports. We may send you information about our products and services that, in our opinion, may be of some interest to you. We may send such information to your email address or to your mobile phone number, which you may provide us. In every message, received from us (with your consent), it will be clearly stated that that message was sent by us. You have the possibility to unsubscribe from our marketing messages or marketing mailout at any time (see section ‘Your rights to access stored data, to modify it, and to retract the consent to the use of your personal data).


Links to third-party websites

Sometimes our websites, applications, and advertisements may contain links to network websites of third parties – our advertisers and affiliate companies. If you use a link to visit any of these websites, please be aware that these websites have their own Privacy Policy and we are not responsible in any way for that Policy. Please, check the provisions of their Policy before revealing any personal data to these websites