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About the client

NEXA is the first ever decentralized cross-chain sales platform. Realizing the changing dynamics in the crypto industry, our client innovated a breakthrough technology called “xMINT” to make a trustless cross-chain mechanism to conduct token sales at all connected exchanges. xMint empowers any asset to be minted on multiple blockchains at the same time.

NEXA’s users can contribute directly to the token sale, and receive the tokens from the project straight in their favorite wallet and chain. By making token launches chain-agnostic, NEXA is revolutionizing how token launches are conducted today.


Nexa approached Codora with the requirement of a technology team that had expertise in multichain development systems with Bridges technology, like wormhole. Moreover, they needed a team with a solid understanding of the IDO process, cross-chain implementation, and front-end development capabilities.
Their specific challenge was to find a team with this highly specialized skill set and to deliver the project in the required timeline and within their budget.



Codora leveraged its expertise in the multichain development system to build the first cross-chain IDO platform.
In a very short time, Codora’s focused team delivered the solution to the client leveraging their years of experience and domain knowledge in cross-chain development, IDO process, and front-end development capabilities. To deliver the project in the given time frame, our team worked on both the design phase and implementation phase in parallel which allowed us to complete the project in three months.
Our solution allowed the end users to launch their token to all supported blockchains at once after launching the coin on one chain. Capitalizing on our solution, NEXA’s users can issue a token on one Wormhole chain and leverage the Wormhole token bridge to distribute them to all participants on connected chains. This will save users from the hassle of acquiring the right assets on the right chain in order to participate, making the process less complex and more time efficient as they are no longer required to maintain multiple wallets.
Technology and Integrations
Smart Contracts





Project Management



  • Development of the first ever cross-chain IDO platform
  • Enabled projects to reach a wider audience by existing on multiple chains
  • Allows the contribution on all the supported chains
  • Less complexity
  • Improved time efficiency


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