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Atlas DEX

extra value
The Future of
cross-chain defi

Next-level interoperability. Seamless native
cross-chain swaps on leading blockchains.

About the client
Our client is a Singapore-based leading Decentralized Cross-Chain DEX aggregator that has been featured by Bloomberg, Forbes, Nasdaq, and other major news outlets. The company offers an all-in-one solution that allows its users to trade or swap over 1600 digital assets across six different blockchains including Ethereum, Solana (SLC), Binance chain (BNB) & Fantom, etc.


The DeFi space has seen enormous growth in the past year, with a wide range of new protocols and applications entering the market. While the growth in DeFi protocols has been a boon for innovation, it has also introduced several pain points for market participants.
Most blockchain platforms available today exist on one chain and work in silos without a native ability to support cross-platform token transfers. Atlas DEX aims to solve this challenge for the community by providing Cross-chain token transfers with the minimum possible fees. To this end, Atlas DEX utilized Wormhole, which is a decentralized bridge that lets users bridge assets between different blockchains.
Atlas DEX approached Codora with a difficult task: creating cross-chain swaps across EVM and NonEVM chains, fetching the best rates with minimum fees across all decentralized exchanges. Atlas’s specific challenge was to find highly skilled resources that were able to ramp up quickly and start contributing to their project development cycle.



The first step to building an MVP is to focus efforts mostly to understand which features are more critical to the user and which ones can generate value quicker. We set up the agile team that leveraged its expertise in multiple blockchain platforms, including Solana to build a cross-chain DEX aggregator for Atlas.
We chose the technologies keeping in consideration that the UI needed to behave consistently and reliably. We delivered a working MVP within 10 weeks which included Cross Chain Swaps and Atlas Staking backed up by automated tests to ensure reliability. We established weekly sprints with alignment meetings to ensure all stakeholders were on the same page. During meetings, the work of the sprint was delivered to share the progress and to get feedback. After discussion, valid feedback was incorporated into the product.
By the end of the project, we were able to deliver a platform to perform quick and straightforward cross-chain token swaps with aggregated liquidity thus saving the hassle of finding the best rates or performing multiple transactions.
As a result, Atlas has gained popularity among DeFi users for its excellent design, flexible architecture, and the best user experience, and is among the leading decentralized exchanges today.
Technology and Integrations
Smart Contracts






Project Management


  • Built a Cross-chain DEX aggregator identifying the gaps in the current DeFi landscape
  • Atlas DEX’s users can trade any token available through a list of supported exchanges
  • Best rates and lower fees
  • Faster transactions
  • Reduced risk


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